Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden

The Ian Potter Children’s WILD PLAY Garden is a new playspace situated in one of Sydney’s oldest and most loved parks. The WILD PLAY Garden’s vision is to provide a unique playspace in which children can develop an understanding for the natural environment.

Inspired by the existing attributes of the site – fig trees and surrounding parklands, ASPECT Studios’ approach was to create an immersive environment by keeping the design to a simple palette of natural materials and elements. In doing so, children are provided with a platform to explore, experiment, socialise, and learn through play.

The magical garden is full of hidden surprises and opportunities to interact closely with nature. Young and old can play with natural elements such as sand, water, sticks, leaves, flowers and pebbles in a series of unique spaces that offer varying degrees of physical challenges. This series of spaces provides a diverse range of explorative and creative play opportunities, which are not commonly found in urban playgrounds.

The WILD PLAY Garden is a place where children and their carers can spend hours playing and leave feeling like they have been in another world.

Centennial and Moore Park Trust
Concept Design, Design Development, Documentation, Construction Administration
Centennial Parklands, Sydney, NSW, Australia
ASPECT Studios, Sam Crawford Architects, TSA, Erbas, Fleetwood Urban, HydroPlan, Lindsay Dynan, MGAC, PLAY DMC, Waterfeatures Australia, WT Partnership
$4 million

The Master Plan

The Play Areas





Site Context


Photography: Brett Boardman, Esteban La Tessa + Centennial Parklands