A new generation of Landscape Architects – the first to graduate from the University of Technology Sydney presented to ASPECT’s Sydney studio on culture, reconciliation and the life aquatic:


Josh Gowers’ [Readying Ground] “seeks to learn from Indigenous Knowledge Systems in order to care for the Country of the Barwon-Darling floodplain, currently subject to the extreme extraction culture of cotton irrigation and regrading. Lead by principles of mutuality and reciprocity, indigenous agricultures enriched by cultural fire management by traditional owners are imagined as the new beginnings of an ancient, mutually enriching relationship between land and people.”

Ben Hardy-Clements’ thesis “was an investigation meant to challenge traditional representations of the ocean as planar and flat, extending landscape’s conceptual space into the depths of Sydney Harbour. My research explored Sydney history and harbour use, integrated multi-trophic aquaculture and solutions for stormwater runoff in urbanised coastal environments. The outcomes embed a narrative of the sea that otherwise remains invisible to the everyday Sydneysider.”

Brendan Murphy’s thesis theorises “to experience ecologies, the landscape architect must consider every part of an individual’s one-on-one experience with their environment as an unobtrusive design, carefully curating existing ecological environments to immerse and reconnect humanity and ecology.”

Congratulations Josh, Ben and Brendan.

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