Ballarat CBD Vision

Ballarat’s community have a strong desire to see their city rejuvenated. Growth and development portfolio councillor Craig Fletcher told The Courier that the community wanted ‘Ballarat to be reflective of what the we would expect in terms of population growth, in terms of retail capacity, and we want a CBD that allows for all of those things.’ To gather more of the community’s views, ASPECT Studios produced a series of photomontages and visualisations. The 11 images demonstrated how heritage assets would be protected whilst maximising the opportunity for developers to meet a growing population. They were deliberately released to invoke an active discussion as it was critical for the council to hear the community’s thoughts on the issue. The Digital team travelled to Ballarat to gather the photography required to produce the images. Based on the concepts by ASPECT Studios’ urban designers and the planners from Planisphere, the Digital Studio produced a range of images utilising techniques to best highlight the changes. Some of the images were produced as photomontages (inserting 3D elements into a real photograph) whilst the remainder were full 3D visualisations.

Planisphere and City of Ballarat
3D modelling, 2.5D photomontage, 3D visualisations, texturing, compositing, rendering
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
ASPECT Studios

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