Frome Street Bikeway

A to B Wayfinding were engaged to carry out a wayfinding strategy for a new bikeway in Frome Street, Adelaide.

The bikeway is an opportunity to promote cycling as a viable mode of transport to the city and therefore required a legible and visually engaging visual language to promote the route. Building on the City wide Wayfinding Strategy, the cycle signage included branding elements, mid block and intersection directional information on island separators and sign panels collocated to existing light poles.

Consistent placement of information for cyclists meant delivering the right information at the right time whilst providing a safe and comfortable experience for bikeway users.

A cost effective approach to wayfinding was implemented using affordable materials and production methods including poles wrapped in stickers and surface decals.

City of Adelaide
Wayfinding Strategy and Implementation
Adelaide, SA, Australia
A to B Wayfinding

Pro_AA_Frome St Bikeway_im1_750w_110h

Pro_AA_Frome St Bikeway_im2_750w_500h

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Pro_AA_Frome St Bikeway_im4_750w_500h

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Pro_AA_Frome St Bikeway_im7_750w_500h

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Photography: Don Brice