’The Spirit of Barak Trail’, The Green Spine, Chirnside Park

The ‘Green Spine’ is a sustainable, green gateway to the Shire of Yarra Ranges, along one of its major roads 
– Maroondah Highway. The spine creates an easily identifiable ‘green lung’ and ‘heart’ for Chirnside Park Major Activity Centre and a ‘sustainable’ brand and identity for the Shire. It provides a shared pathway with links to neighbouring areas, and delivers improvements in storm water quality via swales, rain gardens and ephemeral wetlands, capturing solar energy to light the shared path.

From inception, the multi-disciplinary team worked together to provide a community focused project that delivered sustainable outcomes. The design emerged out indepth collaboration between the disciplines of landscape architecture, art, electrical and water engineering. Central to the project was the principle that a ‘gateway’ was a spatial and temporal experience for both the vehicles and pedestrians.

The spine also has a suite of signage elements that provide directions and information.  The trail is called the ‘Spirit of Barak’ after William Barak who was born near Brushy Creek.

Shire of Yarra Ranges
Master plan, concept design, design development and construction design
Chirnside Park, Victoria, Australia
ASPECT Studios (Lead), Charles Anderson, MB Lighting Design, Storm Consulting
$1.3 million Stage 1 ($4 million over four years)


Photography: Andrew Lloyd