Foley Park

A carefully designed contemporary intervention in this heritage park in the heart of Glebe provides a revitalised community space for local residents. 

Foley Park is the largest local park in Glebe. It is the site of the former Hereford House and was converted to a park prior to WW2. With existing mature figs, archaeological remains, heritage listed structures and a strong sense of local ownership, Foley Park offers a complex and constrained design challenge.

The design builds on the Plan of Management prepared by the City of Sydney and utilises extensive site analysis, historical analysis and community consultation. 

Design upgrades include a considerable improvement to all street frontages with a widened entry on Glebe Point Rd cleared of midlevel vegetation. Existing pathways are reconfigured, materials and planting improved and the Village Green is regraded and simplified to provide a dramatically improved park structure. The extensive new playground and interpretive elements create a meaningful local focus.

City of Sydney Council
Master planning, concept design, design development, documentation
186A Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney, NSW, Australia
CAB Consulting, Fione Robbe and TTW
$2.5 million
2014 NSW Architecture Awards – Robert Woodward Award for Small Project Architecture (Awarded to Stanic Harding)