Real-Time 3D

Imagine having the freedom to explore your projects in a visually stunning 3D environment. By combining the realistic quality of an animation and the freedom of a game, Real-time 3D enables you to communicate better.

What is it?
Rendered in real-time, you have the freedom to explore your project in a visually stunning environment. You, and the people you communicate to, will have a better understanding of complex projects through this interactive visual medium.

Better than an animation
Animations can be costly, time consuming and inflexible. Why not have the ability to walk and fly wherever you want?

Limitless media
Generate an infinite number of animations and images to suit different communication needs. You can also publish to websites or deploy to Apple and Android mobile devices.







See an example:

>Apartment Interior

>AquaLink Box Hill

>Bacchus Marsh Community Centre

>SECC (Shijiazhuang International Exhibition and Conference Centre)

>Town Square Concept Design