Ballarat CBD Vision

The City of Ballarat has recently undertaken a review of the urban spaces within the CBD, with a view to redeveloping key sites to help rejuvenate the city. As the proposed changes will affect the local community and retailers, it was important to elicit their input and views.

To assist in gathering the community’s views, ASPECT Studios produced a series of photomontages, visualisations and an animation. The digital media demonstrated how heritage assets would be protected whilst maximising the opportunity for developers to meet a growing population.

With the images and animation switching between existing and proposed, the audience could quickly see how the revitalisation would improve the city both aesthetically and economically. A more vibrant and active city was exhibited, helping Council to successfully communicate the long-term vision.

Planisphere / City of Ballarat
3D modelling, 3D animation, texturing, compositing, rendering, compositing
Ballarat, Victoria, Australia
City of Ballarat, Planisphere, ASPECT Studios