Getting Out There with Nature Play Space




Welcome to the New Year! We start off our first newsletter of 2017 full of enthusiasm for the year ahead and we hope to continue much of the holiday vibe during our working weeks and beyond.


For those who had a break, we hope you’ve had a great time relaxing with family and friends. We especially hope you’ve had some time in the great outdoors – catching some waves, watching the kids playing on the beach, walking through a rainforest or just getting some fresh air and time to breathe.


It comes as no surprise that getting out there in the natural elements does something to recharge our spirits. It’s certainly good for both our mental and physical health. That’s why we’re going to focus our newsletters this year on the benefits of getting out there and enjoying time in nature – whether it’s right in the city centre or out on the fringes where the real stuff is!


A good place to start is at the beginning – fostering a sense of wonder in the natural world within our children. The early years are a vitally important time to impart to the next generation a positive and inclusive attitude towards our environment.


Deb Robbins, ASPECT’s Brisbane Studio Director, is helping out in this regard with her involvement in creating a Nature Play space workshop as part of Nature Play Queensland’s Symposium weekend on 11 March. Part of Deb’s role will be enlightening educators, local governments, community organisations and more about how they can transform their outdoor spaces into Nature Play spaces and what that actually means! For more information, follow this link.


Young, old and in between, we all need time to reconnect with nature and, as landscape architects, we endeavour to make those connections out there in the community – and to create places where people want to be.