Bowden Main Park

Bowden’s new main park is the central and single largest public space located within the Bowden redevelopment in South Australia. It makes a significant step in realising the vision for Bowden of creating a diverse and exciting new community on the edge of Adelaide’s CBD.

Bowden Park provides a green oasis in the heart of a 15 hectare urban infill development that will become Adelaide’s most densely populated urban district outside the CBD, and an area projected to house a wide ranging demographic from students to young families, first home owners and retirees. The park is strategically located adjacent to the repurposed Plant 4 which has recently opened as a unique food market precinct that is seamlessly connected to the park.

The strategy behind the park was to create a deliberate point of difference to the surrounding rigid urban fabric – an intensive pocket of green that breaks into the ground as a place of discovery, relaxation, respite and outdoor activity – an eddy designed to not only draw people through but to attract people to linger, to connect and to share. Bowden Park is an example of how thoughtful and considered design can connect people, enhancing the social and recreational fabric of the city and providing an authentic destination within the new & still establishing community.

Renewal SA
Concept Design, Documentation, Contract Administration
Third Street, Bowden, SA, Australia
ASPECT Studios, FMG Engineering, Tonkin Consulting, Lucid Consulting Engineers, JBA, Lighting Art + Science, Landscape Construction Services
2017 PIA SA Awards for Excellence – Great Place; Commendation

2017 AILA SA Awards Award of Excellence – Civic Landscape Category

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Photography: Dan Schultz