Landscapes offer blueprint for living at Sunny Day in Chengdu



Located on the third ring southeast of Chengdu, this landscape for a sales centre offers prospective buyers with a blueprint for the lifestyle they will experience if they purchase a property in the development.


The design paints a picture of an active community, with large-scale artistic flourishes, tranquil water features and creative play spaces for children.



The main entry to the building forms a courtyard, with a central water feature providing a sense of calm that contrasts with the strong lines of the building. The water pools over a series of curved stone elements, while planters offer green pockets that seem to float above the water’s surface. Chinese-style lamps provide lighting to the undercroft of the building during the evening. Towering overhead is a large-scale sculpture in the form of a tree that lights up at night.


The children’s playground offers a glimpse into the development’s future, offering spaces for continuous activation and community gathering. A variety of play equipment is available even within this small space, while the centrepiece – a huge panda-style mask – is a reference to Chengdu’s leading role in panda research and conservation.



Offering serenity and respite, a sunken garden surrounded by bushes and coreopsis features sesame grey granite, decorated with waterproof cushions, creating a place for people to engage in conversation or to relax.


The design strategy provided solutions to a number of challenges, including a busy road to the west of the site. Here, the noise was masked by a water fountain, creating a calming sound of trickling water.



Integrating a variety of placemaking strategies using visual, audio and tactile elements, the result is an elegant and active space where people are inspired and, most importantly, are able to create memories.


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