Mind Field, Adelaide



The Adelaide Creative Community Hub competition is an intensive and collective effort by our Adelaide studio to explore the possibilities of Landscape architecture as a “catalyst to foster, inspire and celebrate creativity” in the city fabric.


The Adelaide Creative Community Hub competition, organised by Bee Breeders and sponsored by the Australian Institute of Architects, asked “what makes a creative city?”


Our entrance was an effort to explore the power of architecture and to develop a compelling insertion in the city fabric that would prove a catalyst to foster, inspire and celebrate creativity. While clearly aimed at an architectural proposal, we believed landscape architecture was perfectly situated to develop a unique and malleable spatial solution that would offer a range of possibilities outside the scope of the typical architectural model.



Beginning with collaborative workshops to develop the initial concept, the Adelaide team then fully realised the project over an intensive three-day push to the final deadline. The final proposition, MIND FIELD Vers 2.0 is a rich exploration of the flexibility of ideas and interactions rather than rigid form – a fluid structure that would evolve and shift according to the numbers, needs and desires of its users. Through the input of real-time data and a series of algorithmic determinations the ideal ‘form’ can be derived for any circumstance, which is in turn realised through a shifting structure of adjustable lightweight framing and skin membrane. The unpredictable nature of the structure(s) was complimented by a further landscape focus through the development of a green layer that can flow with the emergent forms to flesh out any resulting voids. This potential for infinite configurations and the interplay between solid and fluid we believed offered a truly unique approach to the proposal.



Ultimately, MIND FIELD Vers 2.0 was among the final shortlisted projects. And while we did not win the competition the process proved an invaluable and rare opportunity to work collectively towards a shared creative vision.



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