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ASPECT Studios has been delivering visualisations, animations and interactive digital media solutions since 2001. With our core team of talented multimedia specialists, we can provide fast and cost effective turnaround of your digital media.

Architectural Visualisation

Architectural Visualisations (Arch Vis), are alluring images that best promote a project. They are modelled to the highest level of detail to accurately present the project in the best possible way. For that reason, the modelling process requires more time and thorough attention to detail.

Click to see the CIP Visualisation.


A Photomontage, or 2.5D Visualisation, is the result of compositing a real-life still shot with a digital model. Photomontages are generally used as a quick method of visually representing the design intention within the real-life environment. Because of this, they are perfect for development applications, securing planning permits and using during planning hearings (such as at VCAT).

Click to see the Chinatown Photomontages.


Animations, or fly-throughs, are a traditional way to present a project to clients, the public and other stakeholders. The emphasis is on the cinematic experience. Through lighting, cinematography, and animated people, cars and landscaping, the viewer is able to grasp the complexity and spacial qualities of large projects. 3D models can also be inserted into prerecorded video footage using a technique called Camera Matching.

Click to see the Ballarat Animation.

Real-Time 3D Models

Imagine having the freedom to explore your projects in a visually stunning 3D environment. By combining the realistic quality of an animation and the freedom of a game, Real-time 3D enables you to communicate better. Save money by recording an infinite number of animations, learn more by clicking here.

Serious Games

Serious Games are designed primarily for purposes other than pure entertainment. Serious Games are ideal for public awareness and education, training and simulation. See and run the West Gate Upgrade Driving Simulator we developed, click here.

Spatial & Design Prototyping

Ideal for development and strategic planning projects, Spatial Prototyping uses game engine technology to communicate complex projects to the public and project stakeholders. The solution is an interactive virtual reality application for urban planning and development projects that allows our clients to quickly accomplish:

  • Conduct visual impact mapping
  • Visually assess development applications
  • Simulate shadows at any given time of the day or year
  • Record video and capture images
  • Import GIS data and 3D models
  • Gain public consensus by visually presenting complex information

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